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Amplify Canada!

Each November, Canadians from coast-to-coast-to-coast celebrate the importance of accessing meaningful work and all those that help us in connecting with our preferred futures. Canada Career Month volunteers work to advance the agenda of improving access to career services and education so that all Canadians are better prepared to develop their careers and transition into the emergent labour market.

This year, we are AMPLIFYING CANADA. Take a look at the resources and initiatives that you can use to advance your career, or help someone understand different aspects of their own career.

Amplify Career Services

Look at the Services Available in Your Region

Your local YMCA or YWCA may have an employment readiness program. Your local community rec or health centre might have a permanent career services program. Libraries often have resources, workshops, or someone to connect with about your career, your résumé, or even recommending a good book to read! And don't forget career coaches or career counsellors who may work independently! Look and ask around to see what's in your region!

Use Provincial Career Development Services

Different provinces have different opportunities to connect with a career professional through a provincial employment program. Provinces may have central services like WorkBC, Nova Scotia Works or WorkingNB. Others provinces may have processes or requirements to use provincial career services. Conduct a quick search and connect with Career Services at through your province. It doesn't hurt to ask!

There are also career development associations with professionals you can connect with across the country.

Use University Career Services or Alumni Networks

Many of the Career Month collaboration group's members represent post-secondary organizations. They work hard every year to support students and alumni in career development, co-op programs, and skills development, no matter where you are in your post-secondary training! Connect with Career Services at your post-secondary!

Amplify Skills


Careers Atlantic Canada

The information, resources and learning activities contained in this site are intended to support youth in understanding the relationship between Skills for Success and a successful entry into the Labour Market. By focusing on developing and improving your personal Skills for Success, you are showing that you are forward thinking and being strategic in preparing for labour market needs.

ABC Life Literacy

ABC Skills Hub

The ABC Skills Hub is an online learning portal that offers at-home delivery of ABC Life Literacy Canada’s many adult literacy programs.

ABC Life Literacy

UP Skills for Work

UP Skills for Work helps learners develop key employability and life skills through free workshops and downloadable workbooks.

Conference Board of Canada

Employability Skills Toolkit

Build the skills you need to enter, take part, and grow in the world of work with our newly updated Employability Skills Toolkit


Toolkit for Workers and Work Seekers

This toolkit was developed to help you inventory your existing competencies and to identify areas that, with some development, could help you to thrive in the face of technological, global and regional changes.

Amplify Connections


Step-by-Step Guide: How to Conduct a Formal Interview

You may be nervous about doing such an interview, but just about everyone is.

Emily's Path

Job Sharing and Beyond Podcast

This podcast provides you with future of work solutions that have been successfully implemented internationally. Get to know people by listening in to Karin's conversations with her guests.

Iron and Earth

Climate Career Portal

The Climate Career Portal is a digital platform that connects fossil fuel industry workers with career path opportunities in the net-zero economy, along with climate solution information, industry resources, and connections to training opportunities to support their career transition.

Amplify Yourself!

Most of us need to make career choices more than once in our life. To do it well, you need to have a good idea about who you are and what you like. Use these resources to know who you are, and amplify you, and your career goals!

notebook keyboard

Career Decision-Making Guide

If you are unsure what you want to do after school or throughout your career, this guide is for you.

thinkAG logo w AITC-C
Agriculture in the Classroom Canada


thinkAG is a collection of teaching resources and outreach tools that encourage students to explore and get curious about the myriad of career opportunities in agriculture and food.