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Canada Career Month 2017

Chatter High’s mission is to have every student talking about their future. The organization supports a national dialogue on career opportunities and pathways by hosting discussions and running national competitions that highlight education and training opportunities and career options to youth from coast-to-coast-to-coast! These tools empower students and teachers and foster lasting connections with post-secondary institutions and growing industries.

Live updates show constant engagement of students, educational institutions and employer websites

Discussion forums engage students and alumni by providing connections and information about career paths and learning opportunities

ChatterHigh believe's that fun and games build a better community because really, who doesn’t want fun and games? ChatterHigh provides opportunities for teachers to network with each other in fun class-to class ChatterHigh Challenges to determine who has the Most Informed Class. ChatterHigh provides students with learning that is fun and where points, badges and rankings are displayed on their personal dashboard. Schools can compete for cash in regional and national ChatterHigh’s Most Informed School Competitions. ChatterHigh offers our partners a variety of opportunities to participate in challenges and competitions. Fun and games fill our community.