Conversations Matter – Virtually Connect, Reflect & Engage

Date(s) - 30/11/2020
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Conversations Matter with CareerCycles


Conversations Matter is a structured, supportive, and fun virtual experience resulting in your career & life Clarification Statement.

Seeing faces, having shared experiences, and connecting in meaningful conversations matters!

Conversations Matter is a 90-minute structured, supportive, and fun virtual experience. This community project connects like-minded individuals – from anywhere – to engage and encourage.

Isolation is not healthy. Staying connected is a biological requirement. Conversations Matter connects people to have meaningful conversations, gain clarity about their choices, and create hope about what’s next. 

What’s the process? 

Storytelling and listening principles from the Who You are Matters! experience, and Online Storyteller – both used worldwide – are employed within Conversations Matter to:

  • Spark meaningful conversation,
  • Connect and nurture each other during uncertain times, and
  • Gain clarity to be our best while serving others.

Within the 90-minute experience you: 

  • Share what’s comfortable in response to positive story prompts; feel free to pass
  • Keep conversations confidential
  • Smile and have fun while receiving affirming feedback, gaining hope, clarity and confidence, and sharing appreciation.

Our agenda is simple!

  1. Getting ready and learning how the Conversations Matter platform works together with Zoom (10 mins) 
  2. The Conversation Experience in groups of four (60 mins)
  3. Post-experience and next steps (20 mins) 

Your takeaways include:

  • Complete a Clarification Statement including 1 Possibility & 1 action step 
  • Gain hope and connection, and commit to encouraging 1 person who matters to you
  • Access to 3 more “Weekly Conversation & Community” follow-up conversations to deepen clarification and support taking action
  • Access to the Online Storyteller web application for self-directed narrative reflection