Holding Hope | Trina Maher hosts Canada Career Month Coffee Conversation #CCM2020

Date(s) - 27/11/2020
12:00 am

Holding Hope CSP Coffee Break


Career development helps you to build a foundation of hope in your life. It teaches strategies to regain and build hope through all of life’s ups and downs.

Join us as Trina Maher hosts a Canada Career Month Coffee Break. This informal session is designed to bring Career Development Practitioners together for community, inspiration and hope building. 

Trina is the President & ‘Chief Creative Spirit’ at Bridging Concepts, which is a fitting title for someone who enjoys bringing creative thinking and a solutions-focused mindset to assisting clients to reach their goals with purpose.  

Bridging Concepts is the name of the company chosen through much reflection and identifying with what Trina does best – ‘helping people and ideas connect’.

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