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Calling all teachers, guidance counsellors, career development practitioners and professionals, librarians, employers, governments, community groups, or super cool parents! We need you to help make Canada Career Month the best ever.

How can you get involved?

💡 Hey Canadian Career Development Champions, are you ready for #canadacareermonth? Check out how to host an event in your school, office, work place, community career centre at the #canadacareermonth website. #explorethepossibilities

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Host a Career Human Library Event

Have you ever heard of a library where the people are the "books'' to check-out?  It's called a human library and there happening all across the country.  In a Career Human Library, the "book" tell the "reader" about their careers.  

The best news is they're easy to organize, in as little as 5 easy steps. Download the  guide and you are on your way to providing students, youth, clients an impactful career exploration event.

Set Up a Book Display

Invite your local library, your resources centre, your community centre to set up a display of all the amazing career resources available to Canadians looking to develop their careers.

Here's a list of Canadian  authors and a list of both Canadian and International authors to help you set up a career resource display. 

Below is a poster that you can have at the display that highlights the event as part of Canada Career Month and talks more about what a Career Development Professional can do to help you in your career. 

Host an Explore the Possibilities Event

Hosting an event for Canada Career Month can be as simple as you want to make it.  You can have an open house to show those in your community the wonderful world of careers and career development. Or, have a Canada Career Month pub night with your colleagues and community contacts.

 Download the Canada Career Month How-To Guide to help you organize it.

Whatever you do, let us know! Send us your event information so we can add it to the Canada Career Month calendar.