North American Career Week

In early November, we collaborate to amplify how career development changes everything. Using the hashtag #Amplifier2023 over social media, we invite you to share the impact of career development and how it changes everything.


Subtitles available in French.

#AMPLIFIER2023 Stories

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Use these prompts to create your #Amplifier2023 posts!

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Amplify careers around North America, and let everyone know that career development changes everything!


Day 1

Share your career development journey! How has it changed the way you approach work, learning, and livelihood? #Amplifier2023

Day 2

In a world of endless opportunities, how has career development reshaped your future? Tell us your story! #Amplifier2023

Day 3

 What's the best career advice you've ever received? Share the wisdom that's changed everything for you!  #Amplifier2023


Day 4

Imagine a North America where everyone has access to career development. How would it change our world? #Amplifier2023

Day 5

Every step in your career journey counts. What small steps have changed everything for you? Share and celebrate your success! #Amplifier2023

Day 6

How has your career development empowered you through learning and growth? Tell us about it! #Amplifier2023


Day 7

The world is evolving rapidly. How has career development helped you adapt to these changes? Share your strategies for staying resilient! #Amplifier2023

Day 8

No one ever succeeded alone. Who's been your career mentor or role model this year? How have they helped to shape your path? #Amplifier2023

Day 9

What achievements have you unlocked thanks to your career development? Brag a little! #Amplifier2023

Day 10

Curiosity often leads to growth. What's the one career-related question you're eager to find an answer to? #Amplifier2023

About North American Career Week

In 2022, the Inter-Agency Career Guidance Working Group (IAG CGWG), composed of Cedefop, the European Commission, ETF, ILO, OECD, UNESCO and World Bank coordinated a Global Careers Month that inspired ongoing collaboration between the North American partners.

In 2023, the 🇨🇦 Canadian Career Development Foundation , 🇨🇦 CERIC and the 🇺🇸 National Career Development Association began celebrating a North American Career Week for the first time! During the first ten days of November, join our conversation online, and AMPLIFY career development. Why? Because career development changes everything.