What's Happening in 2021 for Career Month?

Have you ever wondered what's in store for you and your career? Have you simply thought about what's possible?

This year, for Career Month, we're having a national conversation about all things career. Whether you're a student, a Career Development Professional, a parent, or someone who is simply thinking a little bigger about their own career journey, participate in a career conversation this year! (You won't regret it).

To find out what is possible, Career Month is asking you this year to start a career conversation with an "It's Possible" statement. It's possible to volunteer your way to meaningful work. It's possible to take a gap year, and not 'miss out' on an opportunity. It's possible to find a mentor. It's possible to be a mentor!

It's Possible Statements

Use the app below to create your own "It's Possible" statements for Career Month!

Join the Conversation

Use the hashtags #CareerMonth and #ItsPossible throughout the month of November to have your events and "It's Possible" statements re-tweeted and shared! Take a look at the most recent tweets!

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