Plan Your Event

Step One

Take a look at some of our ideas on how to run your own Career Month events.

Step Two

Download logos, posters, infographics and other media assets for your events.

Step Three

Access and share resources, videos, and articles that support your event activities.

Step Four

Once you've planned and set a date for your event, add it to the Career Month Event Calendar!

Event Ideas


Guest Speakers

Invite a guest speaker to share stories about their career, and what they do for work day to day. 

Run a trivia game with career questions.

Invite a career development professional or academic advisor to do a Q&A.

Have a career-themed spelling quiz.

Create a Career Corner in your classroom with magazines, books, and career exploration tools.


Virtual Job Site Visit

Think outside the classroom, and arrange virtual job site tours for your students.

Play "Guess the Job", or "20 Career Questions" during morning announcements.

Ask students to interview an adult or an elder about their career journey.

Host a career info session for parents.

Select a product like "Cereal" and brainstorm jobs related to the product (ie: farming, transport, marketing, design).

Coming Together: Career & Post-Secondary Planning

Human Library

Offer students the opportunity to interview people with a variety of different jobs.

Facilitate a session to create career family trees (career genograms).

Create career or job posters using magazines or newspapers to display.

Create a map of local employers who hire students.

Have students imagine or invent a "job of the future". Encourage them to create a job posting.


Speed Career Meetings

Pair students and professionals together for short, 5 minute information interviews. 

Host a morning brunch networking session, connecting students with employers.

Start a peer mentor program for students.

Host a LinkedIn photo portrait session.


Résumé Workshop

Offer tips and reviews of student résumés, cover letters, and portfolios.

Use a career exploration website to help research different career opportunities.

Facilitate a session with students to create career family trees (career genograms).

Organize a community service event to support student volunteer experiences.

Coming Together: Career & Post-Secondary Planning

Human Library

Offer students the opportunity to interview people with a variety of different jobs.

Host mock interview workshops to give students a safe, comfortable place to practice.

Organize information sessions on volunteering abroad.

For entrepreneurial students, host a friendly "Dragon's Den" pitch competition.


Career Mentoring

Intentionally connect with mentors in your industry and sector to support employee growth.

Offer volunteer opportunities to staff to participate in local programs

Host a lunch and learn with a career development professional

Take the time to encourage all employees to write or refresh a personal profile for your organization's website.

walking tour

Neighbourhood Tour

Host a neighbourhood walking tour, connecting with businesses, industry, noticing what's happening in your local labour market.

Take time to share one career defining moment at your next meeting.

Regularly celebrate how employees or coworkers build or use their skills.

Host an open house drop in lunch, or happy hour for prospective employees, or your neighbours.

job shadow

Job Shadow

Offer job shadowing or "try a job" opportunities to staff in your organization, or to post-secondary students.

Host a photo day for everyone to update their headshots.

Set aside time for everyone to attend a skills-building webinar or short skills-building course.

Host a "Listen and Lunch" featuring an episode from a career-focused podcast.

Some of the included suggestions above are taken from the Retain and Gain series from Find more career management ideas in the following playbooks:

virtual meeting

Human Library

Host a virtual human library. Invite guest "books", assign their breakout rooms and allow 15 minutes for them to share their story to one audience group before switching up the groups!


A hands on workshop is great, and so many career focused topics can be delivered in an online format. Spend time with your audience sprucing up their résumé, practice interview skills, or something else entirely!


Host an online presentation about a career topic of your choice. The webinar can be as long or as short as you want, and it's a great opportunity to connect and answer questions in real time!

Live Stream

Use one of the many social media platforms out there to live stream an open house, interview people at your workplace, or replay your pre-recorded webinar or workshop!

More ideas

For more career focused virtual event ideas, explore the resources at Careers Week Australia.

Organizing a Human Library Event

30-Day Career Challenge

Interested in challenging people to learn about different careers? Check out the thinkAG 30-day challenge and find the inspiration to create your own 30-Day Challenge!

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