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2019 Explore the Possibilities Videos

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Longevity and the Future of Work with Lisa Taylor

Lisa Taylor from the Challenge Factory and co-author of the new book “The Talent Revolution”, talks with Jen about what longevity means when it comes to the world of work.

Opportunities and Optimism with Roberta Neault

Dr. Roberta Neault talks with Jen about what it means to seize opportunities, and to remain hopeful for career success. Her book “Career Theories and Models at Work” includes her own academic research, but don’t let the title fool you! Roberta is generous and personable in her presentation, with so much information to give and share.

Using Leadership to Get Ahead with Connel and John from Zero2Hired

Take a leadership role in both your work search, and your own career development. Learn how entrepreneurship strategies can help you network, and stand out in a crowd.

What Happens When you Retire with Nell Smith

When Nell Smith was recovering from a personal health problem, she defined a brilliant way to get people excited about retirement.

What Role Do You Play in your Career with Marc Miller

Marc Miller describes what it is like to be conscious of the role he plays in his own career transitions, especially after a long and storied career at one company. He and Jen Fraser talk about what it means to find yourself in transition in today’s fluctuating economy.

Why Work is Important with David Blustein

Feeling as though you’re the only introvert in the world? Gabriela Casineanu sees you, and wants you to know that there are so many incredible and awesome things about you that give you the edge in your career.